Monday, May 30, 2016


I have life talk to me,
The misery it dawns upon me.
My words are filled,
with sorrows for her to see.

Life in all its pride
listens to my disjoint questioning.
My thirst, my unending love
and my dissent quibbling.

I am but a meager soul
Disillusioned by her cruel child,
souls only more evil than me.
They left me alone in the wild.

Life smiles to my childish rumbling
My heart wiser than my words
wounded yet unbent
Cries like a caged bird.

Life has an answer 
to my broken pride,
to my despair ,
to my wandering stride

She points to my heart
and says to me, 
" Fear not child,
for you heart still beats."


God, Devil
couldn't do us part.
The Angels. the Demons
tried, become one with dust.
The brightest day, the blackest night
meant nothing in our home.
The kindest heart, The cruelest souls
left us alone.
You, me
standing lone in the woods.
Death did us part
only if it could.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Blue Butterfly

Tell me do you remember the blue butterfly
of stars unknown and unyielding pride?
Tell me do you remember her plight?
on a day like this she cried.

The wings now rest on ground.
After all her battles,
cold, calm and shaken.
Fallen but not lost ,her rage rattles.

It was here on this muddy swamp,
she lay shimmering to cold.
Her grievance lost to me in her light
As I watched her elegance unfold.

The blue butterfly ,
brought herself closer to me.
she whispered in languages unknown,
Then she flew to the white tree.

Tears fall on flowers,
filled with dancing butterflies.
Green, red, yellow but blue.