Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rusting Railroad

The long walk on a dusky afternoon
filled with gleaming light,
yet not enough to anguish the darkness
As our protagonist dispels into the night.

Do not misjudge him,
for he is not the hero of this story
Do not pity him,  
for angels sing in his glory.

Let me remind you, not so long ago
Our protagonist made it to the daily news
Irony of life that no one could identify 
he remained silent amid all our excuse.

Then again, no one is to blame
for we mourn when heroes die
Yet his smile is all that lingers
as time passes by.

The rusting railroad is all that is left
Quenched in blood and now in rust
He sits there longing and waiting
silently screaming of his unquenched lust.