Friday, March 25, 2016

The Cruel Mermaids

Mermaids are calling to me.
They tempt me with the unyielding freedom
Freedom to roam the seven seas
and of all the things I lost.
They tell me to let it go,
For the oceans are filled with wonders
Wonders unseen and unknown.
They are calling to me
to let it all go,
Mermaids are calling to me.

The anchors withdrawn
The boat sails with the winds.
Of all the seas I have been,
This journey, seems like never before.
The mermaids guide me to abyss
Heaven and hell mean nothing to me
When freedom is all i need.
The calling to my heart
Their songs mean everything to me
The mermaids are calling to me

The lands have been cruel to me.
They told me I was the white tree amidst all green trees.
Even the birds passed by me
but for a golden sparrow
that came on me.
We talked and talked
And she told me of the seven seas
It looks like the work of God himself
Of all the hearts that beat to be free
they come to meet and everything turns glee
The mermaids are calling to us
The mermaids are calling to me.

I write of freedom to be free.
It is the traveler's spirit that calls out to me
It is the world that shuns me
For the path is my home
the mermaids my guide
There are infinite horizons
as far as we can see
The infinite stars is where I want to be
Yet The cruel mermaids are calling out to me.