Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The perfect cocktail

I will be honest, I am not sure who I am. I thought I knew who I was. It was just the society version of me. The version of me that everyone accepts, the version of me that makes me a normal guy. But this inner voice never dies down it keeps on calling to me , it keeps on wishing out of me that i should probably be my fucking self for one time.
The traveller's spirit is what possess me right now , it wants to be free from boundations, the heart of travellers wishes for freedom, companionship, love and above all it wants to let go. It has been talking to me a lot recently, I think I want to be possessed by it. Maybe its just the side of me that has been regressed most of the time but it fells free, life feels a lot happier.
Maybe this time will be all stories someday, maybe we will never know how will it end, but the moments ,I thought were dying for previously, are nothing compared to the moments that the traveller spirit tells me about all the time. It just keeps out calling to me all the time. Its like a sailor being attracted to a mermaid, I think it is never the attraction, it is the longing. The longing of his real destination that make him brave the mighty waters all the time.
We are travellers and our hearts do not really settle. We stand up to the world , we are the brave warriors of the seven mighty seas, We are the hearts that make the world worth living for, We are the minds that see things as it is , We understand, We feel, We make friends and then we just let it go, We are the brave warriors of the seas after all and the journey , the path, has always been our only home.