Friday, October 30, 2015

And there she stood alone , still and shocked.

It was raining
The kind of rain that comes after
a long, dusty summer.
It was finally the day of reckoning
She walked in heavy steps
with each step forward her heartbeat increased
The clouds kept roaring
and rain kept pouring.

The birds looked from their shelter
chirping to her steps
it was a melody
unstirred and unheard
Maybe she was crying
Amid the scintillating rains and the horrid streets
she walked with unrestrained ferocity
And yet the unmerciful clouds kept roaring
and rain kept pouring.

The destination wasn't to be seen
the path lay ahead bare and naked
Full of hopes and dreams
she dared the mighty clouds
she kept walking and walking.
It was then when she saw what she looked for
The rains stopped and clouds receded
Sun shined on her destination
yet something about the path that called to her
she blinked and her destination was not what she saw
And there she stood  alone , still and shocked.