Saturday, August 15, 2015


To whomsoever it may concern in the past, present or future.

I hope, that is the only thing helpless humans like me can probably cling to. But I hope you are doing fine in your life. I realize you have been going through a lot of problems in your life and you probably want to run away but believe me as much I believe in you that you will be able to get through because well you are you. All I want to say is I believe in you.

I have been told or rather I have come to my own self realization that I talk about myself a lot but then again you and others need to understand just like I did recently. My friend you need to understand the circumstances that has led me or rather forcefully driven me to this point of almost insanity. You were there, almost always, ready to help but only God can help a person who refuses all help offered and  I was certainly one of those mortals. There is something else that I have come to realize. I appreciate people very less maybe that is why I have led myself in a life of complete isolation. See I know this came very late but Thank you.

I wonder if you have recognized me yet. I do not blame you neither I want you to know who I am. The lines between illusions and realities are blurred, in the place where I now live. You are better off without knowing who I am, who I was ,where I come from and what became of me. But I want you to know I have always been watching you from a distance that I myself created. My dear long lost friend, I believe in the light you show me , I believe in you. 

I hope you do write me back sometimes. The body can be destroyed but the soul lives on, that is why if and whenever you write, burn the letter and it will reach me.

Your friend.