Monday, May 11, 2015

Unsung Memories

As a child,
I wished for wings.
Wings of joys , wings of freedom
Freedom of which every bird sings.

Pardon me , for my memory has faded.
Faded by the cruelties of life.
Pardon me , for I am trying to remember 
what was of me, before the strife.

I despise of what has become of me 
For as a child , in my innocent days
I ruled skies , I was a king
My people revered me for my grace.

You might think of me as a fallen king,
but I do not blame fate or life.
I am sorry you are seeing me at this juncture,
For I become the architect of my own demise.

I was a free soul.
I roamed all the seven coloured skies.
The angels were my guide, 
There was peace and a life without lies.

I do not know the reason for your tears.,
Though I know, I should comfort you.
But looking at your face,
Face so calm as a silent night and sad as a gentle sea,
It reminds me of my childhood days.

I have been sitting on this stone,
For as long as I remember.
I have been here
be it in the soaring march or the cold december.

I see tear drops falling from her face,
Like dew drops falling of a leaf.
She gently places the flowers near the stone
Walking away slowly in misery and grief.

Of all the memories of childhood days
Unsung and forgotten
I was a King known for his grace.
Even the oceans bowed before me
I ruled the skies.
There was peace and I lived a life,
I lived a life without fear.
I lived a life without lies.
I was free ,
For I was the Man who conquered the endless skies.