Tuesday, January 13, 2015

She walks beside me

She walks beside me
She walks beside me
Her eyes i can see
Her hands i can feel
Her laugh i can hear

My Life took me to places 
dark and deep
My life had slowly trodden 
into the world full of misery, sorrow and hatred
But she kept walking beside me
She was the light 
She was the morning sun on a stormy sea
And the darkest night , the strongest storms 
could not beat me 
for she was my shield 
my light 
my morning 

She kept her promise
and kept on watching me 
People say she left 
but she still walks beside me.

I stand now at another juncture
two paths lay ahead 
both equally appealing
I ask her for guidance but
But she stands still and silent
I keep on staring at her face for an answer
I could hear some footsteps approaching us
A stranger then stops behind me
tapping my shoulder, she asks
" Mister , Why do you talk to yourself?"