Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weathers are waning, Dreams are fading.

Weathers are waning
Dreams are fading
Life is but like a dying tide
Tumbling in its own stride.
What has become of your pride?
and you let your friends slide.
Weathers are waning,
dreaming are fading.
As life loses its sheen,
with each speck of happiness swept clean.
Devoid of her and her smile, so serene.
Her words horrifying,now so mean.
Weathers are waning,
dreaming are fading.
Wherefore should I flow,
When home lies below.
I let you go,
And just like that on a cold erratic December evening,
I let you go , I let you go.

Friday, October 30, 2015

And there she stood alone , still and shocked.

It was raining
The kind of rain that comes after
a long, dusty summer.
It was finally the day of reckoning
She walked in heavy steps
with each step forward her heartbeat increased
The clouds kept roaring
and rain kept pouring.

The birds looked from their shelter
chirping to her steps
it was a melody
unstirred and unheard
Maybe she was crying
Amid the scintillating rains and the horrid streets
she walked with unrestrained ferocity
And yet the unmerciful clouds kept roaring
and rain kept pouring.

The destination wasn't to be seen
the path lay ahead bare and naked
Full of hopes and dreams
she dared the mighty clouds
she kept walking and walking.
It was then when she saw what she looked for
The rains stopped and clouds receded
Sun shined on her destination
yet something about the path that called to her
she blinked and her destination was not what she saw
And there she stood  alone , still and shocked.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


To whomsoever it may concern in the past, present or future.

I hope, that is the only thing helpless humans like me can probably cling to. But I hope you are doing fine in your life. I realize you have been going through a lot of problems in your life and you probably want to run away but believe me as much I believe in you that you will be able to get through because well you are you. All I want to say is I believe in you.

I have been told or rather I have come to my own self realization that I talk about myself a lot but then again you and others need to understand just like I did recently. My friend you need to understand the circumstances that has led me or rather forcefully driven me to this point of almost insanity. You were there, almost always, ready to help but only God can help a person who refuses all help offered and  I was certainly one of those mortals. There is something else that I have come to realize. I appreciate people very less maybe that is why I have led myself in a life of complete isolation. See I know this came very late but Thank you.

I wonder if you have recognized me yet. I do not blame you neither I want you to know who I am. The lines between illusions and realities are blurred, in the place where I now live. You are better off without knowing who I am, who I was ,where I come from and what became of me. But I want you to know I have always been watching you from a distance that I myself created. My dear long lost friend, I believe in the light you show me , I believe in you. 

I hope you do write me back sometimes. The body can be destroyed but the soul lives on, that is why if and whenever you write, burn the letter and it will reach me.

Your friend.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Man of Thousand Masks

The lines between reality and dreams
have faded away 
They do not exist.
They do not exist anymore.

The world has blinded the young man,
He strolls through street
He smiles he cries
But he is not there 
He does not exist anymore.

His heart is full of flakes
His mind searching for answers
Answers that were written on the shore
Faded with the waves they exist no more.

Eyes filled with so much darkness,
Emotions so black.
His gentle smile so pure,
Still does not hide his sadness anymore.

He is a lurker, 
A man without an aim.
He is the man of thousand masks
But is he a man anymore
for his identity is forgotten long before.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Unsung Memories

As a child,
I wished for wings.
Wings of joys , wings of freedom
Freedom of which every bird sings.

Pardon me , for my memory has faded.
Faded by the cruelties of life.
Pardon me , for I am trying to remember 
what was of me, before the strife.

I despise of what has become of me 
For as a child , in my innocent days
I ruled skies , I was a king
My people revered me for my grace.

You might think of me as a fallen king,
but I do not blame fate or life.
I am sorry you are seeing me at this juncture,
For I become the architect of my own demise.

I was a free soul.
I roamed all the seven coloured skies.
The angels were my guide, 
There was peace and a life without lies.

I do not know the reason for your tears.,
Though I know, I should comfort you.
But looking at your face,
Face so calm as a silent night and sad as a gentle sea,
It reminds me of my childhood days.

I have been sitting on this stone,
For as long as I remember.
I have been here
be it in the soaring march or the cold december.

I see tear drops falling from her face,
Like dew drops falling of a leaf.
She gently places the flowers near the stone
Walking away slowly in misery and grief.

Of all the memories of childhood days
Unsung and forgotten
I was a King known for his grace.
Even the oceans bowed before me
I ruled the skies.
There was peace and I lived a life,
I lived a life without fear.
I lived a life without lies.
I was free ,
For I was the Man who conquered the endless skies.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

She walks beside me

She walks beside me
She walks beside me
Her eyes i can see
Her hands i can feel
Her laugh i can hear

My Life took me to places 
dark and deep
My life had slowly trodden 
into the world full of misery, sorrow and hatred
But she kept walking beside me
She was the light 
She was the morning sun on a stormy sea
And the darkest night , the strongest storms 
could not beat me 
for she was my shield 
my light 
my morning 

She kept her promise
and kept on watching me 
People say she left 
but she still walks beside me.

I stand now at another juncture
two paths lay ahead 
both equally appealing
I ask her for guidance but
But she stands still and silent
I keep on staring at her face for an answer
I could hear some footsteps approaching us
A stranger then stops behind me
tapping my shoulder, she asks
" Mister , Why do you talk to yourself?"