Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The peculiar story of Kabir and Meera.

Kabir came running to the village by the sea shouting "the waves , they are coming in all there might". This looked so similar to what he said last week. The villagers shrugged off the warning. Though this discomforted them a little that this was the first time he said something similar , otherwise Kabir was known to come running with a distinct warning each single time for past many months. And only Meera , a girl from high grounds bored with her well mannered friends believed Kabir each single time.
Kabir as we know,by the elders stories,was a son of a thief and left alone by his parents to the pity of the villagers. Only Meera took him seriously though never did he acknowledge her , maybe that was the reason Meera wanted him to notice her. But Kabir was lonely. He kept pulling pranks to make people notice that he is alive or rather to make himself believe he is living. He missed his parents and Meera did see that and sadly only did she. It was a gloomy day and Meera sat on the boundary of the village hoping to see Kabir running past her soon and so did he.
Only she followed the footsteps of Kabir, the waves roared and stood mighty as God. And in the end the village by the sea was razed to its last standing tree.The destruction was seen by Kabir, standing stoic , on the hill beside the long mangrove trees and Meera crying on her knees.