Thursday, January 2, 2014

As it happened , it made me fall , it made me rise . 2013 .

"Pools of sorrow, waves of joy " this line sums up my 2013 and yet like the common folks here i reflect what i learnt.

13 Things 2013 taught me

1. The most difficult yet the simplest thing is to maintain our own identity, be original among billions of people. As a society we often need acceptance this is where we go wrong . A society though it may accept us ,if we follow its norms but if we take a different path than the society shuns us , rejects us  and eventually if we are still able to maintain our own identity it follows us.

2. The unpredictability of life is unquestionable .

3. People come and go , it doesn't matter , what really matters is who are with us for the moment and contrary to the bollywood perception people leave and there is something that we all need to learn is let go.

4. Attachments cause us harm , be it materialistic say for a car or be it a person . If you loose them you get hurt and hence refraining from getting attached is must for a peaceful life.

5. Beatles was one of the greatest band and  naruto is one of the best ongoing series .

6. Compliments do us more harm than good , it is as kabir das said keep the one who criticizes close for he makes you a better person by making you realize your mistakes.

7. We all can make a difference in someone's life , be it good or bad , but as bob the builder and also Obama said 'Yes we can'. 

8. Life is made up of small things , it is not about looking at a big things directly , it is all about collecting the pieces and joining them to form our own big moment and yet be ready to bet everything on the next turn of life.

9. Help comes only if you look for it ,An injured person should find the doctor , that is the rule one must generally follow, that is what i felt a year back . But sometimes help comes to those who are in need of it .

10. Bollywood movies can work on SRK charms alone. And when i say 'work' meant breaking every possible record.

11. Arrogance is one thing but believing in oneself is other . It is as the wise man say and i speak for them that empty vessels make the most noise , hence it is not even how we look , how well we carry ourselves and not even how well we do things , it has always been about believing that what we do is right and be ready to defend it anytime , yet accept any mistake or any false perception .

12. It is right to assume and always will be that life is like a river , its path is the one it itself creates.

13 Lastly its easy , All you need is love !!!

Happy new year people  !