Thursday, December 12, 2013

The day long gone.

The day with beautiful flowers
And sun flooding the street with bright light.
Breeze as swift as a crystal clear river
The day with autumn leaves
Slowly coming down on the grey road
The day i walk on those leaves
Wearing black shoes and black suit
The day before it rained
And i could still smell the wet sand
The day everyone looked happy
I saw smiles on everyone's face
But as i passed by a black glass
I saw an exception

I walked with the breeze
As if it also wanted to lead me in your direction
Only to check if it wasn't a dream,
I pinched myself beside the red tree
Where i lay standing only by me
If it was a dream then let me be free
Yet as far as i can see, i still stood beside the red tree
Standing only by me

Of all the faces on that day,
Of all the seasons on that bright autumn day
I stood across your home,
Maybe i did always know you
Maybe i did  see you
Maybe i did see you in my dreams
Drenched in sun's yellow beams
I saw a face,
I saw a face of a girl
I saw a face compared to none ,
The day long gone but not forgotten
Is the day i saw someone,
I knew her from my dreams
That was the day i saw you.