Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Mister, Do you know what love is?"

I saw eyes sparkling with the drowning sun
And face as calm as a white dove
She asked me a question,
"Mister, do you know where can i see love?".

"My moments of peace broken”
That is what i initially thought
I looked down to regain my peace
But her aura, peace is what her mesmerizing aura brought.

Her eyes still staring at my empty face
Slowly coming close ,with the fading light
She asked me a question again,
"Mister, Do you know what does love sound like?"

I have heard a lot of voices.
Now i won't be lying,
But her voice tasted sweetest to the ears.
Behind her i could see the day dying.

It was a clear sky but i saw a drop falling
On the marble floor and i looked above
Tears rolling down her face, she asked me a question yet again,
“Mister, do you know where can i find love?”

Amidst all the hate, life gives us love
Life gives us love to embrace.
I wondered as i observed a star
Twinkling beside her crying yet beautiful face.

I stood up, for it was time i must go
She searched my face for an answer
Yet losing all her hope, she leaned on me crying.
Asking me a question faintly
"Mister, do you know what love is?"
I stood in front of her,
"You ask me about love,
Use my eyes as a mirror
And you will find where love is
Use my ears and hear what i hear now
And you will hear what it sounds like.
And love, for me
It has always been you."

Wiping tears gently off her face,
I took a step back.
I could tell , from the look of her face,
She still did not realize who i was.
But did it matter
For my job was done
And i again started walking on the lane,
Taking along all her pain.