Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Only Road

There is a road
that lies before me.
Grass trampled by carriages 
as far as i can see.
It is time i walked on this road.

I will be honest
and as much i might regret it,
I had no other choice
for i shouldn't forget it.
It was time i let go of the lane that lay before.

I stumbled, i rose and i survived.
As the forest flowers withered,
so did she slowly and steadily
Her smile is the only thing that i now remember.
It was time i start a new journey on this new found path.

I see a light , i see a hope.
for i will follow it before it rains
the clouds they fly over me
startled as much as i am but i wont die in vain.
It was time i let the light shine, 
It was time i drink my last wine.
It was time i let go and walk on the road
walk on the road ,long forgotten.