Monday, November 18, 2013

Life of a dead man.

I died last summer.
A cool breeze flows over my grave at night.
The warmth of companionship,
The warmth of humanity is missing.
It is lost.

I achieved failure
I achieved success
Yet now that i sit on top of my grave 
I cant differentiate between them.
She visits me often
So does my family
I can see tears on their face
That still makes me sad
But i cant agree
That anything actually affects me.

Beside me lays a grave of an old man
He tells me story of his life and love
He seems to be a hundred year old
He seems happy
But i know he is hollow
He is depressed.
I see the sun rise and drown
I wonder if its a big phoenix up there
Rising and dying again and again
But i cant agree
That anything in particular interests me .

I wont say my life was a fulfilling one
It had it moments
But i died in regret
And some dreams died with me
I had ambitions 
I had aim
Yet now there is none
But i cant agree
That it matters much to me.

I sit idle on this stone
I heard stories about the afterlife
Yet they all turn out to be false
It is someplace cold and calm
You see peace 
But you don't need it anymore
You see love
But it doesn't burn your heart anymore
And yet i still cant agree
That i don't want to live here anymore.