Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Last Message

Humanity has lost
I sit on the top of this long lost world
Writing this last message to whosoever may find it
I want them to know we existed
We survived, we thrived
But in the end we all died.

I want you all to know 
We were real 
We were a society
We conquered planets far and wide
We sent ships far into the oceans of universe.
For you came late .
We survived ,we thrived
But in the end we all died.

We lost to our emotions
We just couldn't divide our home planet
We fought for land among ourselves
We were outgunned , outnumbered by devils we created
They killed us all
For i sit on this last human foothold.

Yet i want everyone,living on the other side,to know
I want everyone to hear to hear my cries
We laughed , we cried
We survived ,we thrived
Yet in the end we all died.
We all died...