Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meera and The Ghost of Red River

A long time ago
In a far far land
Undisturbed by humans
Flowed a river beside the golden sand.
Stood by the side
Was a ghost with red hand

For a long time it stood above his grave
watching humanity go frail
It stood lonely
watching the kingdoms fail

Meera came running from the cave
Frightened she was
For she had lost the way
She stood beside the ghost
Drinking water from the bay

The air sang the whistle of trees
And the birds sang the song of nature
With the insects providing the beats
The entire place created a music of peace gesture

Yet she felt some someone standing
Watching her with amazement
Afraid she looked around
To find no one there
But there stood a ghost spell bound

He held her hand towards her
For he hadn't realized
The boundary between life and death
The girl frightened by the jungle
Lay beside the river taking deep breaths

Just like Meera
He was a mere lost traveler
He flew away to the heavens
Finally free of the Red river
He entered the gates of heaven