Friday, August 9, 2013

10 Things i don't wanna do before i die

Well every one tells us what they want to do but ever thought what you don't want to do ever...well i did!!!

1) Drinking - OK this is one thing i never want to try , not that i find it bad but i see it like this i don't need alcohol to loose control. Plus i got a lot of drinks to drink.

2) Smoking - Well the cancer campaign did affect me !!!

3) Stop watching anime - Never never !!!!!!! i don't want to stop watching ever.

4) Grow up - Well life is already hectic growing up will make it worse not that i know of it but this essence tells me 'Think like a old man, live like a kid'.

5) Get bed ridden with some stupid disease. Lets accept it no one want this one.

6) Live in the fear of someone. I always fear that i will live in fear of someone but i want to fight it because freedom is what we get by birth .

7) Get obsessed with someone . We meet a lot of people and i don't want one to put restriction on me.

8) Hate Just because it is too negative to hate.

9) Get beaten Not unless i beat him too.

10) To die a meaningless death . My story should not end without an imprint .

Things I dont want to do could be the things i end up doing because life is unpredictable all we could do is 
Keep smiling keep fighting :)