Saturday, July 20, 2013

Where is God?

When will God see our pain?
As my tears are washed away in the rain.
When will He see our sorrow?
I hope of a better tomorrow.

I hear the sounds of gun.
There is no place safe to run.
I hear the cry,
I wonder why does He sit deaf in the sky.

I see the hatred,
He isn't anymore sacred.
I see the blood,
Doesn't His eyes ever flood.?

I smell vengeance,
Why is there no guidance?
I smell anger,
Does He have a cold ? for He acts as a stranger.

I taste jealousy,
I wonder what happened to our legacy.
I taste despair,
Isn't He anymore there?

Yet i feel love,
It gives me hope that He still watches us from above.
Yet I feel God.
I see His hand when I am lost , He cares for us
The Almighty Lord.

Blown by Hatred 

Driven by Hatred

Images are endless so are the incidents
Will we ever forgive and forget ?
Will we ever end the cycled of hatred?
We are Lost..
We seek the guidance of the One supreme soul....
The Almighty Lord