Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last Breath

Slowly and steadily he gets up ,
Yet again this world punches.
Slowly and steadily he goes down,
Yet again he was right with his hunches.

Like Phoenix rising from its ashes,
He goes up to shine in glory.
She stood outside observing him,
Wishing they had a different story.

As the candles blew off
And the darkness creeps in.
He stood there watching the door,
Staring at his past as she walks in.

The dwellers of darkness
The passengers between life and death
Stop in between their journey 
To see a mortal taking last breath

He was turned down by the world
Yet she acknowledged him
He fought with her support
Yet someday she left him

Rejected and dejected he pursues her
To be turned down yet again
He fights alone now and slowly he fits in
No more a misfit yet he feels the pain

A smile is all he can gather 
As he see her just as he dies.
Slowly falling off the life
He closes his eyes.