Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last Breath

Slowly and steadily he gets up ,
Yet again this world punches.
Slowly and steadily he goes down,
Yet again he was right with his hunches.

Like Phoenix rising from its ashes,
He goes up to shine in glory.
She stood outside observing him,
Wishing they had a different story.

As the candles blew off
And the darkness creeps in.
He stood there watching the door,
Staring at his past as she walks in.

The dwellers of darkness
The passengers between life and death
Stop in between their journey 
To see a mortal taking last breath

He was turned down by the world
Yet she acknowledged him
He fought with her support
Yet someday she left him

Rejected and dejected he pursues her
To be turned down yet again
He fights alone now and slowly he fits in
No more a misfit yet he feels the pain

A smile is all he can gather 
As he see her just as he dies.
Slowly falling off the life
He closes his eyes.

The great Indian dilemma

A dilemma (Greek: δί-λημμα "double proposition") is a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable.
                                    -Source Wikipedia

Dilemma 1- A corrupt government, A communal opposition , A biased press and Bollywood.

Dilemma 2- Sitting in my room watching Newshour seeing Arnab shout trying to have a debate with himself , India TV with its BREAKING NEWS and Sharukh khan.

Dilemma 3- Going to prove myself thinking about my career between hyped Engineering , super tough Medical , useless Delhi university and MTV roadies.
Dilemma 4 - Getting a gf cute , hot and vidya balan.

Dilemma 5 - GRE, GATE , GMAT , MBA , Job and go to mumbai.

Ok!!! so we suffer from a lot dilemma in our great Indian lives some hate it and they go to United states, while others as a part of system criticize their own system . I just thought about it, it funny how I said our police takes bribe and i bribed one of them later, yeah it has been pointed out a million times but still we can't see through it. We still like to escape reality and watch Salman khan.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Where is God?

When will God see our pain?
As my tears are washed away in the rain.
When will He see our sorrow?
I hope of a better tomorrow.

I hear the sounds of gun.
There is no place safe to run.
I hear the cry,
I wonder why does He sit deaf in the sky.

I see the hatred,
He isn't anymore sacred.
I see the blood,
Doesn't His eyes ever flood.?

I smell vengeance,
Why is there no guidance?
I smell anger,
Does He have a cold ? for He acts as a stranger.

I taste jealousy,
I wonder what happened to our legacy.
I taste despair,
Isn't He anymore there?

Yet i feel love,
It gives me hope that He still watches us from above.
Yet I feel God.
I see His hand when I am lost , He cares for us
The Almighty Lord.

Blown by Hatred 

Driven by Hatred

Images are endless so are the incidents
Will we ever forgive and forget ?
Will we ever end the cycled of hatred?
We are Lost..
We seek the guidance of the One supreme soul....
The Almighty Lord

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Red Rose

'I will wait for her to return.' said the boy,
Placing a white rose on the branch of tree.
As he sat on that branch,
Wondering "where is she?"

Moonlight decorated the night
And winds played music with joy.
There was festiveness in the weather
As if nature waited for her to return just like the boy.

'I will tell her today that i love her' said the boy to himself,
His eyes sparkled with happiness and love.
He touched the white rose lying beside him
As all the angels gathered above.

Wishing for a red rose , he had prayed.
But God gifted him with a white rose that even angels wished.
The calmness he felt observing the rose,
It made him remember the girl he loved

Angels were watching and singing songs of love
The Boy sat listening to song of the skies
Her serene eyes, her mesmerizing smile
Was flashing before his eyes

The girl was nowhere to be seen
But his eyes continued to long for her.
He clinged to the branch hoping to see her any moment,
A grin came on God's face as if something was about to occur.

Angels stopped singing,
And the winds increased with the boy's heartbeat
The Heaven's gates opened
and the white rose started falling down, brushing his feet.

The boy followed the white rose
A smile was there as he landed on his head
Then he saw her face and the heaven's gate
And beside him lay a rose covered in red.

'I will wait for her to return.' said the boy,
Placing a red rose on the branch of tree.
As he sat on that branch,
Wondering "where is she?