Saturday, June 29, 2013

Traveler she was.

'Life wasn't supposed to be a game'
Said the traveler to herself, leaving her empty abode.
'Why am i the one to blame? '
She kept walking the empty road.

A boy with beaming eyes in the radiating Sun
'There is a dead end ahead, Miss'
With a tear slowly falling of her cheek the traveler did turn,
The serene face made him lost in the heaven's abyss.

God was there observing the angel's play
'I know there is nowhere to go'
The life was all but over for the traveler on that day.
'I can help you find the way' came a swift reply with a bow.

His eyes reflected the light of hope and innocence
The traveler couldn't help but follow.
Slowly she was walking behind the stranger mesmerized by his essence.
He kept walking concerned about her tears as the winds got hollow.

A smile was all he could gather as he stopped and faced her again.
God smiled and from heavens came the rain.
Her watery eyes was all there staring back at him, asking for help on that empty lane.
The traveler fell on her knees crying as the rain washed away her pain.

He stood still watching with a cheerful face
The Traveler realized it didn't matter if life was a game.
He knew that they had reached the place
She realized she just had to kept walking on the lane.

'There Miss i told you there is always a place to go'
She took the hand and there she went up.
The boy pointed to the direction where the winds flow.
The Traveler kept staring at his face.

The traveler hugged the boy as the rains kept striking the earth,
Still smiling he felt the happiness of her heart.
The thunder applauded to a heart's rebirth
And then she started walking with the winds.

She slowly faded into the winds,
The traveler she was and her journey continued,
The boy couldn't follow her into the winds
He longed for her yet The traveler she was and her journey continued.....