Friday, June 28, 2013

Life is unfair....why not use it to our advantage.

Some bright day we see a gloomy face with eyes gazed upon the path. One can't help but notice the sadness yet the calmness on that person's face. That person was wronged by someone, something and his or her life was in shallows. This human being realiazed what actually wronged him was life. He was enlightened ,he knew the truth about life, he had grown up , he knew Life is and always will be unfair. 

Someone once said ' To know pain you have to feel pain ' .Now to take advantage of this unfair rule we have to understand how Life is fair to everyone.What that gloomy person saw was his perspective, now lets see the God's perspective.

What did God see from his abode? 
His one eye saw some person getting dumped, he saw some person not getting a job he deserved, he saw someone getting raped, he saw someone get murdered, he saw hatred this world has to offer and he saw me. Yet he continues to sit on that big throne and with a smile.
His another eye saw some person meeting the ONE person, he saw some person go against his will and get a living, he saw someone born, he saw life, he saw death, he saw hope and he saw me.Yet he continues to sit on that big throne and with a smile.

This conclusion comes to me that5 types of person dwell on the Earth.
1) One who get less than what they deserve < dumbass >
2) One who deserved loosing. < Life said to them 'IN YOUR FACE' >
3) One who get more than what they deserve. < lucky bastards>
4) One who fight in life to get more than life had intended. < they said to life 'IN YOUR FACE' >
5) One who gets nothing less nothing more. < Life was fair to them so they are content >
I believe God sees life to be fair but He is God after all we cant question him.I don't advocate seeing a large picture. I say we should fight and make life fair. As the wise men say 'screw or get screwed'.

And lastly as i will always say keep fighting keep smiling :)