Sunday, December 15, 2013

Poetry, beauty, romance, love.

We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. 
-Dead Poets society.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Mister, Do you know what love is?"

I saw eyes sparkling with the drowning sun
And face as calm as a white dove
She asked me a question,
"Mister, do you know where can i see love?".

"My moments of peace broken”
That is what i initially thought
I looked down to regain my peace
But her aura, peace is what her mesmerizing aura brought.

Her eyes still staring at my empty face
Slowly coming close ,with the fading light
She asked me a question again,
"Mister, Do you know what does love sound like?"

I have heard a lot of voices.
Now i won't be lying,
But her voice tasted sweetest to the ears.
Behind her i could see the day dying.

It was a clear sky but i saw a drop falling
On the marble floor and i looked above
Tears rolling down her face, she asked me a question yet again,
“Mister, do you know where can i find love?”

Amidst all the hate, life gives us love
Life gives us love to embrace.
I wondered as i observed a star
Twinkling beside her crying yet beautiful face.

I stood up, for it was time i must go
She searched my face for an answer
Yet losing all her hope, she leaned on me crying.
Asking me a question faintly
"Mister, do you know what love is?"
I stood in front of her,
"You ask me about love,
Use my eyes as a mirror
And you will find where love is
Use my ears and hear what i hear now
And you will hear what it sounds like.
And love, for me
It has always been you."

Wiping tears gently off her face,
I took a step back.
I could tell , from the look of her face,
She still did not realize who i was.
But did it matter
For my job was done
And i again started walking on the lane,
Taking along all her pain.

The day long gone.

The day with beautiful flowers
And sun flooding the street with bright light.
Breeze as swift as a crystal clear river
The day with autumn leaves
Slowly coming down on the grey road
The day i walk on those leaves
Wearing black shoes and black suit
The day before it rained
And i could still smell the wet sand
The day everyone looked happy
I saw smiles on everyone's face
But as i passed by a black glass
I saw an exception

I walked with the breeze
As if it also wanted to lead me in your direction
Only to check if it wasn't a dream,
I pinched myself beside the red tree
Where i lay standing only by me
If it was a dream then let me be free
Yet as far as i can see, i still stood beside the red tree
Standing only by me

Of all the faces on that day,
Of all the seasons on that bright autumn day
I stood across your home,
Maybe i did always know you
Maybe i did  see you
Maybe i did see you in my dreams
Drenched in sun's yellow beams
I saw a face,
I saw a face of a girl
I saw a face compared to none ,
The day long gone but not forgotten
Is the day i saw someone,
I knew her from my dreams
That was the day i saw you.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Only Road

There is a road
that lies before me.
Grass trampled by carriages 
as far as i can see.
It is time i walked on this road.

I will be honest
and as much i might regret it,
I had no other choice
for i shouldn't forget it.
It was time i let go of the lane that lay before.

I stumbled, i rose and i survived.
As the forest flowers withered,
so did she slowly and steadily
Her smile is the only thing that i now remember.
It was time i start a new journey on this new found path.

I see a light , i see a hope.
for i will follow it before it rains
the clouds they fly over me
startled as much as i am but i wont die in vain.
It was time i let the light shine, 
It was time i drink my last wine.
It was time i let go and walk on the road
walk on the road ,long forgotten.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Life of a dead man.

I died last summer.
A cool breeze flows over my grave at night.
The warmth of companionship,
The warmth of humanity is missing.
It is lost.

I achieved failure
I achieved success
Yet now that i sit on top of my grave 
I cant differentiate between them.
She visits me often
So does my family
I can see tears on their face
That still makes me sad
But i cant agree
That anything actually affects me.

Beside me lays a grave of an old man
He tells me story of his life and love
He seems to be a hundred year old
He seems happy
But i know he is hollow
He is depressed.
I see the sun rise and drown
I wonder if its a big phoenix up there
Rising and dying again and again
But i cant agree
That anything in particular interests me .

I wont say my life was a fulfilling one
It had it moments
But i died in regret
And some dreams died with me
I had ambitions 
I had aim
Yet now there is none
But i cant agree
That it matters much to me.

I sit idle on this stone
I heard stories about the afterlife
Yet they all turn out to be false
It is someplace cold and calm
You see peace 
But you don't need it anymore
You see love
But it doesn't burn your heart anymore
And yet i still cant agree
That i don't want to live here anymore.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Last Message

Humanity has lost
I sit on the top of this long lost world
Writing this last message to whosoever may find it
I want them to know we existed
We survived, we thrived
But in the end we all died.

I want you all to know 
We were real 
We were a society
We conquered planets far and wide
We sent ships far into the oceans of universe.
For you came late .
We survived ,we thrived
But in the end we all died.

We lost to our emotions
We just couldn't divide our home planet
We fought for land among ourselves
We were outgunned , outnumbered by devils we created
They killed us all
For i sit on this last human foothold.

Yet i want everyone,living on the other side,to know
I want everyone to hear to hear my cries
We laughed , we cried
We survived ,we thrived
Yet in the end we all died.
We all died...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Last Battle.

A fierce battle long played is coming to an end
blood was spilled
sacrifices were made 
in the name of victory.
For those who have left this land
their echoes are all that is left
for their names are lost
and victory doesn't mean anything to them.

My queen it stands beside me
My knight is all that is left
My Rook it was defeated , so was my bishop.
My Pawns move on swiftly plundering the enemy treasures
My knight commands them
For it is all that is left.

Standing in this battlefield
I start my last plot
the enemy still holds strong 
with Queen Knight and Rook.
A battle of wits was it
for our strength matched.
Now is the time for my knight 
to show its loyalty
for his sacrifice is needed to win this battle

Knight pledges he will destroy the enemy
As he makes his move a black pawn pierces a tiny sword
in his heart , holding his sword in hand
the white knight fells from his horse
hoping he served his kingdom well enough
he  takes his last breath

I sit smiling 
unaffected by the death of a valiant soldier 
my queen makes her move
entering swiftly the enemy's boundary
killing their pawn
it destroys the black knight 
the black queen follows her 
while my pawn rises further.

In the last step my white queen
Comes from behind the black king 
And my pawn from the front
Watching helplessly the black queen and the black rook cries
As the words leave my lips CHECKMATE
And the Black king dies.

A fierce battle long played has ended
Blood was spilled
Sacrifices were made 
In the name of victory.
For those who have left this land
Their echoes are all that is left
For their names are lost
And victory now doesn't mean anything to them.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Fear we all live in.

We live in this world of fear
Walking on the lane of sorrows
Emptiness that consumes this world
For we live in the shadows
We live in fear.
I know the sadness that burns our hearts
Our kindess slowly dissappears.
I see hatred destroying this world
For all i could do is shed a tear.
I hope for miracles
For despair seems everywhere.
I know God watches us
He will come near
For we live in shadows
We live in fear.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meera and The Ghost of Red River

A long time ago
In a far far land
Undisturbed by humans
Flowed a river beside the golden sand.
Stood by the side
Was a ghost with red hand

For a long time it stood above his grave
watching humanity go frail
It stood lonely
watching the kingdoms fail

Meera came running from the cave
Frightened she was
For she had lost the way
She stood beside the ghost
Drinking water from the bay

The air sang the whistle of trees
And the birds sang the song of nature
With the insects providing the beats
The entire place created a music of peace gesture

Yet she felt some someone standing
Watching her with amazement
Afraid she looked around
To find no one there
But there stood a ghost spell bound

He held her hand towards her
For he hadn't realized
The boundary between life and death
The girl frightened by the jungle
Lay beside the river taking deep breaths

Just like Meera
He was a mere lost traveler
He flew away to the heavens
Finally free of the Red river
He entered the gates of heaven

Friday, August 9, 2013

10 Things i don't wanna do before i die

Well every one tells us what they want to do but ever thought what you don't want to do ever...well i did!!!

1) Drinking - OK this is one thing i never want to try , not that i find it bad but i see it like this i don't need alcohol to loose control. Plus i got a lot of drinks to drink.

2) Smoking - Well the cancer campaign did affect me !!!

3) Stop watching anime - Never never !!!!!!! i don't want to stop watching ever.

4) Grow up - Well life is already hectic growing up will make it worse not that i know of it but this essence tells me 'Think like a old man, live like a kid'.

5) Get bed ridden with some stupid disease. Lets accept it no one want this one.

6) Live in the fear of someone. I always fear that i will live in fear of someone but i want to fight it because freedom is what we get by birth .

7) Get obsessed with someone . We meet a lot of people and i don't want one to put restriction on me.

8) Hate Just because it is too negative to hate.

9) Get beaten Not unless i beat him too.

10) To die a meaningless death . My story should not end without an imprint .

Things I dont want to do could be the things i end up doing because life is unpredictable all we could do is 
Keep smiling keep fighting :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last Breath

Slowly and steadily he gets up ,
Yet again this world punches.
Slowly and steadily he goes down,
Yet again he was right with his hunches.

Like Phoenix rising from its ashes,
He goes up to shine in glory.
She stood outside observing him,
Wishing they had a different story.

As the candles blew off
And the darkness creeps in.
He stood there watching the door,
Staring at his past as she walks in.

The dwellers of darkness
The passengers between life and death
Stop in between their journey 
To see a mortal taking last breath

He was turned down by the world
Yet she acknowledged him
He fought with her support
Yet someday she left him

Rejected and dejected he pursues her
To be turned down yet again
He fights alone now and slowly he fits in
No more a misfit yet he feels the pain

A smile is all he can gather 
As he see her just as he dies.
Slowly falling off the life
He closes his eyes.

The great Indian dilemma

A dilemma (Greek: δί-λημμα "double proposition") is a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable.
                                    -Source Wikipedia

Dilemma 1- A corrupt government, A communal opposition , A biased press and Bollywood.

Dilemma 2- Sitting in my room watching Newshour seeing Arnab shout trying to have a debate with himself , India TV with its BREAKING NEWS and Sharukh khan.

Dilemma 3- Going to prove myself thinking about my career between hyped Engineering , super tough Medical , useless Delhi university and MTV roadies.
Dilemma 4 - Getting a gf cute , hot and vidya balan.

Dilemma 5 - GRE, GATE , GMAT , MBA , Job and go to mumbai.

Ok!!! so we suffer from a lot dilemma in our great Indian lives some hate it and they go to United states, while others as a part of system criticize their own system . I just thought about it, it funny how I said our police takes bribe and i bribed one of them later, yeah it has been pointed out a million times but still we can't see through it. We still like to escape reality and watch Salman khan.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Where is God?

When will God see our pain?
As my tears are washed away in the rain.
When will He see our sorrow?
I hope of a better tomorrow.

I hear the sounds of gun.
There is no place safe to run.
I hear the cry,
I wonder why does He sit deaf in the sky.

I see the hatred,
He isn't anymore sacred.
I see the blood,
Doesn't His eyes ever flood.?

I smell vengeance,
Why is there no guidance?
I smell anger,
Does He have a cold ? for He acts as a stranger.

I taste jealousy,
I wonder what happened to our legacy.
I taste despair,
Isn't He anymore there?

Yet i feel love,
It gives me hope that He still watches us from above.
Yet I feel God.
I see His hand when I am lost , He cares for us
The Almighty Lord.

Blown by Hatred 

Driven by Hatred

Images are endless so are the incidents
Will we ever forgive and forget ?
Will we ever end the cycled of hatred?
We are Lost..
We seek the guidance of the One supreme soul....
The Almighty Lord

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Red Rose

'I will wait for her to return.' said the boy,
Placing a white rose on the branch of tree.
As he sat on that branch,
Wondering "where is she?"

Moonlight decorated the night
And winds played music with joy.
There was festiveness in the weather
As if nature waited for her to return just like the boy.

'I will tell her today that i love her' said the boy to himself,
His eyes sparkled with happiness and love.
He touched the white rose lying beside him
As all the angels gathered above.

Wishing for a red rose , he had prayed.
But God gifted him with a white rose that even angels wished.
The calmness he felt observing the rose,
It made him remember the girl he loved

Angels were watching and singing songs of love
The Boy sat listening to song of the skies
Her serene eyes, her mesmerizing smile
Was flashing before his eyes

The girl was nowhere to be seen
But his eyes continued to long for her.
He clinged to the branch hoping to see her any moment,
A grin came on God's face as if something was about to occur.

Angels stopped singing,
And the winds increased with the boy's heartbeat
The Heaven's gates opened
and the white rose started falling down, brushing his feet.

The boy followed the white rose
A smile was there as he landed on his head
Then he saw her face and the heaven's gate
And beside him lay a rose covered in red.

'I will wait for her to return.' said the boy,
Placing a red rose on the branch of tree.
As he sat on that branch,
Wondering "where is she?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Traveler she was.

'Life wasn't supposed to be a game'
Said the traveler to herself, leaving her empty abode.
'Why am i the one to blame? '
She kept walking the empty road.

A boy with beaming eyes in the radiating Sun
'There is a dead end ahead, Miss'
With a tear slowly falling of her cheek the traveler did turn,
The serene face made him lost in the heaven's abyss.

God was there observing the angel's play
'I know there is nowhere to go'
The life was all but over for the traveler on that day.
'I can help you find the way' came a swift reply with a bow.

His eyes reflected the light of hope and innocence
The traveler couldn't help but follow.
Slowly she was walking behind the stranger mesmerized by his essence.
He kept walking concerned about her tears as the winds got hollow.

A smile was all he could gather as he stopped and faced her again.
God smiled and from heavens came the rain.
Her watery eyes was all there staring back at him, asking for help on that empty lane.
The traveler fell on her knees crying as the rain washed away her pain.

He stood still watching with a cheerful face
The Traveler realized it didn't matter if life was a game.
He knew that they had reached the place
She realized she just had to kept walking on the lane.

'There Miss i told you there is always a place to go'
She took the hand and there she went up.
The boy pointed to the direction where the winds flow.
The Traveler kept staring at his face.

The traveler hugged the boy as the rains kept striking the earth,
Still smiling he felt the happiness of her heart.
The thunder applauded to a heart's rebirth
And then she started walking with the winds.

She slowly faded into the winds,
The traveler she was and her journey continued,
The boy couldn't follow her into the winds
He longed for her yet The traveler she was and her journey continued.....

Friday, June 28, 2013

Life is unfair....why not use it to our advantage.

Some bright day we see a gloomy face with eyes gazed upon the path. One can't help but notice the sadness yet the calmness on that person's face. That person was wronged by someone, something and his or her life was in shallows. This human being realiazed what actually wronged him was life. He was enlightened ,he knew the truth about life, he had grown up , he knew Life is and always will be unfair. 

Someone once said ' To know pain you have to feel pain ' .Now to take advantage of this unfair rule we have to understand how Life is fair to everyone.What that gloomy person saw was his perspective, now lets see the God's perspective.

What did God see from his abode? 
His one eye saw some person getting dumped, he saw some person not getting a job he deserved, he saw someone getting raped, he saw someone get murdered, he saw hatred this world has to offer and he saw me. Yet he continues to sit on that big throne and with a smile.
His another eye saw some person meeting the ONE person, he saw some person go against his will and get a living, he saw someone born, he saw life, he saw death, he saw hope and he saw me.Yet he continues to sit on that big throne and with a smile.

This conclusion comes to me that5 types of person dwell on the Earth.
1) One who get less than what they deserve < dumbass >
2) One who deserved loosing. < Life said to them 'IN YOUR FACE' >
3) One who get more than what they deserve. < lucky bastards>
4) One who fight in life to get more than life had intended. < they said to life 'IN YOUR FACE' >
5) One who gets nothing less nothing more. < Life was fair to them so they are content >
I believe God sees life to be fair but He is God after all we cant question him.I don't advocate seeing a large picture. I say we should fight and make life fair. As the wise men say 'screw or get screwed'.

And lastly as i will always say keep fighting keep smiling :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How much do we understand life,universe and everything?

Life what do we know about it?

I asked Google what is life?
It answered me with about 11,480,000,000 results results with various definitions.

I asked Wikipedia about life. It told me in plain polite words 'Life is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased (death), or else because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate'

I asked God about life, universe and everything. Well i guess my question is still in the wait-list. I am expecting a reply soon.

No!! This is not me.This is how i imagine myself waiting for God to answer.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy told me that the answer to life ,the universe and everything is 42.

I wish my search would be such precise. I believe in a broader answer.....

God replied and the answer he gave me was not 42. God said "Don't ask questions you already know the answer to".If God started giving straight answers ,lets accept it, he would just get boring.Anyways now i ask myself my question.

Well than what is life,Universe and everything?

The answer to life,Universe and everything ,other than 42, is me.Yes the only true answer is me.I am life, I am universe and I am pretty much everything this universe has to offer.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The art of letting go.......

Letting go is the easiest thing to do and the hardest thing to learn.

Life as we know can be pretty harsh sometimes,sometimes the things we want, the people we want to be with always remain a distant reality .They give us hope that we can get them or be with them.The longer the wait, the hope disappears and despair starts and slowly down the path it turns into frustration and finally ,what i believe is the most negative thing one can live with , hatred which eventually destroys our lives.Love is a very strong concept and if one ever loves he or she should also bear the risk of falling into hatred and my next post will deal with concept of love and hate.

"You can only lose what you cling to." 
                                                        -Gautam Buddha

A priceless quote with a very simple truth.Letting go is all we need to move forward,to open to higher form and one step close to enlightenment.

Why do we need to have the patience to let go,to forgive,to move forward when we can cling to our desire?

I am neither an enlightened one but i would like to answer this question on the safe method of logic.We have the reasons to let go now this question questions the basic fundamental of why we should move on  when we can live with hope and never let go.However one doesn't say letting go means one should stop caring and forget about the person.Letting go to the contrary gives us clarity to love,keep hope without the risk of being caught in our dark side.It is the process of letting go our grief and the darkness that poisons our soul.It is moving forward to a destination where that person can never hurt us.Hence the antidote to the poison is letting go .

The above snap and quote is from Ang lee's Life of Pi 

so as i always say......
Keep fighting Keep Smiling :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What is the difference between Japanese anime/manga and Cartoons?

The best way is to start with this post is to start with an example

Following points why anime differ
1)DRAWING-The basic structure of cartoons are played with to give them amusing looks while in anime/manga characters are well defined and more human like unless they are not aliens or monsters but yet all characters have an element of influence unlike cartoons. <as seen above>

2)EMOTIONS-As people say eyes are important to depict emotions that's what anime does make the eyes bigger,let them have more space on face and it works they do depict emotions well.While in cartoons emotions come through action.They jump in excitement,walk head down in sadness and depression etc etc

3)PLOT- Overall anime are known to have a specific story lines for the targeted audience.They have a clearly defined story line making them more mature as compared to cartoons.While cartoons are lighthearted no specific character development just for fun animations.

The two chases 

4)QUALITY-The anime develops as it moves on,making it highly interesting.The quality is impressive with fight sequences generally stealing the show while cartoons are still with hardly any story development.

5)IMPACT-The anime has a much more impact on the audience.They tend to create emotions,you feel the characters making it more lively.Naruto,Fairy tail gives the lesson to care for friends,never give up and enjoy life .Death Note was where you give a possibility of what you can do with a death note.While Cartoons can be said to be made to amuse us,just for gags.

Maturity is what makes anime differ and better than cartoons but sometime we need amusement too :)

PS-Exceptions always arise.