Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Sun The Ocean and The Dream

Once I had a dream
A swift wind stream
A bright day
I was standing at the bay

That oceanic serenity
That scenic beauty
I stood watching the sun go down
I was smiling then I saw someone drown

Such was the adrenaline gush
I couldn’t stop but rush
I swam fast on impulse
Believing I could still save her pulse

Ocean opposed me in full strength
But the hope made me swim the entire length
There was I holding her hand
Full of hope I brought her on land

The nature was there watching
Unaffected it was still as much charming
Than I saw her face
Never I felt such peaceful grace

Wouldn’t let you go so easily
I decided my hand pressed her lungs hastily
The drowning sun kept staring
The powerful ocean kept roaring

Than she rose from her sleep
I remember her weep
Slowly she walked away after a long gaze
I couldn't be any more amazed

I stood there staring
I could see her fading
A caring notion a beautiful face
Was all left with the dying blaze

I saw her never again
Along came a pain
Somehow I felt the dream
Just Hoped it was an endless dream.