Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just simply from heart.......

                                   Keep smiling:) Keep fighting:)

IN the times of desperation
IN the times of tesnsion
IN the times of dead end situations
There is time for action.....

One ray of sunlight
to end the darkest night
let me get it right
its in the dark night comes the bright light.....

Life is a game
without a name
all our worries only make us tame
nothing to fear when the end is same......

Love is gain
anger is insane
fears are inside pains
sorrows are empty lanes.....

Love this life the way it is
face all fears 
fight all sorrows
end all worries.....

Let the pheonix inside rise from ashes
to show its glory with no matches
to shine till all darkness crashes
to fall again to rises from its own ashes.......

Keep smiling:)keep fighting:)