Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just simply from heart.......

                                   Keep smiling:) Keep fighting:)

IN the times of desperation
IN the times of tesnsion
IN the times of dead end situations
There is time for action.....

One ray of sunlight
to end the darkest night
let me get it right
its in the dark night comes the bright light.....

Life is a game
without a name
all our worries only make us tame
nothing to fear when the end is same......

Love is gain
anger is insane
fears are inside pains
sorrows are empty lanes.....

Love this life the way it is
face all fears 
fight all sorrows
end all worries.....

Let the pheonix inside rise from ashes
to show its glory with no matches
to shine till all darkness crashes
to fall again to rises from its own ashes.......

Keep smiling:)keep fighting:)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


World's oldest relegion yet so less understood and unknown for billions of hearts unfortunately including me most of u intelligent gals and guys would have understood i am talking about HINDUISM. Starting this post lets talk about change (my favourite subject) change has always been an integral part of homo sapiens,we can never diffrentiate it from humans so also in religion.In hinduism change have always come but the basic fundamentals which are like its roots have remain unchanged that is why hinduism is so precious Our patterns of worshipped changed Gods changed but wat didnt was the sole agreement of singularity of GOD so diverse form of GODS yet still beleived to be one .......................................

...........i remember being a child and going to watch ramlila with my parents to look at Ravan statue being blown off all those crackers lights still enthrall me but what now amuses me that how even Ravan was also shown as of high respect in Ramayana which brings me too the point that its the things we do or commit decide our fate all our knowledge is useless unless we are on path of righteousness ....It may seem boring but when you close your eyes and look just for 1 second inside yourself you will know why path of righteousness is important.......Let me ask you all a question HOW MANY OF YOU KNOW HOW MANY WIVES AND CHILDREN RAVAN HAD? or WHAT ARE THE TEN AVTAR OF LORD VISHNU ? and further WHAT IS THE REASON LORD VISHNU IS BOUND TO COME BACK ON EARTH AGAIN AND AGAIN? .......ppl there are so much intresting knowledge that is unknown i better prefer LORD RAM over BATMAN...:p
All your queries end in the vedas the bhagwad gita just we dont realize it .....
PS - I aint an orthodox hindu i just respect it just the way i do for other religons

Monday, August 22, 2011


Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption ......................................................i have so often heard this word but why is it such a tough weed to remove people raise their voices against it yet half never support them with the view that the leaders they supporting themselves are corrupt but hey dude what about you just think about yourself go there because your fucked up with corruption ...hell with any of the leaders join the anti corruption movement only because its you who wanna remove this weed of corruption.
Its time for change i agree i support jan lokpal bill but i also have concerns about it being corrupt but we have to start somewhere and this is the best opportuninty to start ..........i can advice ppl but not order them its for you to accept or reject my advice 
---------------------------------------the author is 17 year old soon to be a comon man